Monday, January 31, 2011

from my eyes to yours:

Inroducing, for your blog loving eyeballs,
{I Still Love You!}
This is a fantastic source for fresh inspiration and DIY diddies.
 are available like:
contact paper for your entryway or in any room really &
a chic baby felt swing. (totally doing!)
She lives in Salt Lake (I think)
and offers caligraphy classes and such- so next one I hear of--
I'm takin', so if you want to be my learn-ed date, let me know after I let you know...
ya know? :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lovely white walls.

I can't get enough of the simplicit beauty white walls can hold.
I am a big believer in saturating your walls with
colors you love and can change up.
Literally, every wall in my house is anything but white.
That being said, I am anxiously awaiting for the day when
I can paint my walls WHITE.
It will be in my dream house, or an older fixer-upper that has great bones and gorgeous architectural details.
Notice that most of these pictures are so
stunning because of great natural light, and custom woodwork-
from floor, to walls, to ceiling.
It makes everything pop.
A piece of re-painted furniture to take command...
picture a vintage chair in a muted turquoise, 
or a honeysuckle coffee table.
Options are endless. And I love that.

Friday, January 7, 2011

color me happy.

Every once in a while,
you come accross a specific color, and outfit, or a piece of furniture that you
absolutley love and get inspired by.
One of my many goals is to never have a day pass me, that I don't get enamored or inspired...
this color board will stem many ideas and I can't wait to show them to you.
Stay tuned.

Works in progress may take a while to come to fuition,
but when your hard work is done-
you have next to sit and enjoy.
(Plus taking pictures for others to enjoy as well, of course.)

Dream big, Dream simple.